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Services we offer


The Little Green Library offers several services to its members and the general public.

To borrow books and other documents and to use the computer stations, you need to be a member of the Library. A membership card costs $20.00 for a family or an individual and covers a 12-month period.  Because the Library wants to encourage children to use its services, it is now possible for those under 15, whose parents are not members of the Library, to take out a membership for the very low cost of $5.00. All the other services are offered to the population free of charge.



The Library has a collection of close to 26,000 books in French and in English. These includes novels of all types, non-fiction and reference books, biographies and books for children and teens. We also have small collections of large print books, audio books, DVDs (movies and series) and CDs.

We have a special section offering books written by authors in our region and on local history.

We are currently increasing our collection of large-print and audio books.

New books are purchased every month. Members are invited to make suggestions for new purchases.

Loan service

Each member in a family may take an unlimited number of books for a period of 21 calendar days; however the number of new books is limited to one per membership card. A loan agreement with the Bibliothèques et Archives nationales du Québec allows us to borrow books for our members that we do not have - also without charge.

A mobile loan service is offered to family-based day care centres in Huntingdon and the surrounding area as well as to seniors' residences in Huntingdon. In 2017, we will be introducing a reading service in their homes for persons with reduced mobility.

Activities for children

Because the library wishes to encourage children to discover the pleasure of reading, fun activities are regularly organized to allow them to discover the library and its treasures.

Reading and reference room

Everyone is welcome to use the reading room to sit and read or do research, consult reference documents, do school work, or simply have a coffee and relax.

Computer stations

The members have access to seven computer stations with high speed Internet. Since the library offers a wireless access point, members can also bring their own laptop or tablet.

Accompaniment in using a computer, tablet or e-reader

The library wishes to assist the population in discovering and using new technologies used for reading, such as computers, tablets and e-readers. Individual assistance is available with an appointment.

Meetings or conferences

The Library often allows non-profit organizations to use the meeting room or its exhibition area to hold meetings or conferences. The members of a French book club and a group of writers meet at the Library every month.


The Library has reserved a space to present art exhibitions, which are changed every three months.