Celebrating Cinema from Here and Elsewhere

Do you live in the Haut-Saint-Laurent? Are you tired of going to Valleyfield or Montreal to see Quebec, Canadian or international films?

Are you finding your movie outings costly? Is Netflix, Crave or Illico offering too much of the same?

You should know that there is a film club in Huntingdon that gives you access to free quality films from here and elsewhere (though donations are always welcome).

Located in the Little Green Library, at 4 Lorne Street in Huntingdon,

Ciné-Cinema presents movies made outside the Hollywood box and not often shown in conventional movie theaters.

See you next season !

Suggested donation - 7$




La Little Green Library

5, rue Lorne

Huntingdon, J0SA 1H0

(450) 264-4812


We would like to thank Ms. Carole Mallette M.P.,  for her contribution

to cultural development in our region.