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Big $2.00/bag book sale every Saturday in July. Great choice!


Children are having fun at the library this summer

Week of July 15

July 16 at 6:30p.m.: TD Book Club

July 18 from 3:00 to 5:00p.m.: Reading in the gazebo at Prince Arthur Park  in   Huntingdon, just next to the Farmer's Market

July  20 at 10:00a.m.: Huntingdon Day Camp at the library

           from 2:00 to 4:30p.m.: Board games for 8 years old and more

July 21 at 10:00a.m.: Story time in English: Teddy Bear Picnic

Coming soon

On July 31 and August 7 at 7:00p.m.: The pleasure of reading with a tablet. Registration preferable.

Free for all!       


Volunteers needed for the mobile library service for day-care centres

We are looking for volunteers who would like to participate in our mobile library service, from September to June, taking books to the children in family day-care centres in the Haut-Saint Laurent. The ideal volunteer enjoys the contacts with young children, has a vehicle to go to the centres and can offer approximately seven hours each month to make the visits and prepare for them. Those interested must obtain a proof of lack of impediment - verification of the judicial record from the Sureté du Québec. The work will begin this September, but applying for this document may take several weeks.

 The Little Green Library has already been offering this service for several years thanks to a team of three volunteers who serve some 12 day-care centres. We now need three more volunteers in order to offer the service to new centres which have made a request.


Manon Gauthier's paintings at the library

A photographer by training, Manon Gauthier merges photographs with acrylic and other mediums to take them to another level of interpretation and, at times, to tell a different story. Ms Gauthier loves trying new things, exploring different forms of art and techniques, retrieving objects and giving them a second life. 

Last September, she learned the techniques and manipulations of Paverpol with the artist, Louise Proulx. She adored it! This led to her first creation at the exhibition contest, Valedar, with the theme "Movement". Imagine her immense surprise when she won second prize as non-professional sculptor. A prize which increased her enthusiasm and motivation to create other sculptures.

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